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When is a telephone conference best suited for my needs?

When is a telephone conference best suited for my needs? Our telephone conferences are ideal for regular conferences, such as your regular weekly meeting, for up to 50 (flat rate) or up to 125 participants (pay-per-use rate). Reserve your personal conference room. This telephone conference is available for you at any time, around the clock.

What is a participant code?

Participants dial in to the conference using the participant code. As soon as a moderator joins the conference, all participants are connected as a group. Participants have several functions at their disposal, which <link file:74 download>they can use during the conference.

How do I control the telephone conference using the telephone?

You can control your telephone conference at any time using your telephone's keypad. To use the functions, your telephone must support touch-tone dialing.

What if I have questions or experience technical problems during the conference?

Pressing *0 will automatically connect you to one of our operators. We would be pleased to help you.

How can I control my speaker volume?

You can set the desired speaker volume directly on your end-user device.

How do I avoid feedback (echo) during the conference?

You can avoid feedback by turning off any additional loudspeakers. If you are in the same room as other telephone conference participants, you can avoid feedback by simply muting your telephone. To do this use the shortcut *6 on your telephone keypad.


What is a web conference?

A web conference not only allows you to present documents, you can concurrently work on files with other participants and perfect the exchange of information. WebMeeting also allows you to use a webcam to conduct video conferences at any time with up to eight participants, thus never missing an important moment and making your conference more lively.

Am I able to specially highlight contents during a WebMeeting?

Yes, for instance, using the Whiteboard, you can use the Screenshot mode to work with the laser, employ a variety of writing pens, and also add geometric drawings and text. Of course, you can also delete everything and save it as a file.

Are video conferences possible?

Yes, our WebMeeting product also contains video functionality, supporting up to eight webcams – so you can see the other participants as if you were in a room with them.

Why is my web conference terminated when I, as the moderator, get disconnected from the telephone conference?

If the moderator is disconnected from the telephone conference, the web conference is automatically terminated. You can prevent this by simply designating a participant as co-moderator at the beginning of the web conference.

Can I use the web conference with the Macintosh operating system?

Yes, all Macintosh operating systems since MAC OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) are supported.

Is my data secure during the data transfer?

Yes, data is encoded during the transfer (up and download).


What is the charge for the Meeting Center Client?

The Meeting Center Client is free of charge.

What technical requirements do I need to fulfill?

The Client is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10. Outlook 2010, 2013 and 2016. Simply install the Meeting Center Client and you are ready to go. Simply register the use of the Outlook add-in here.

What are the features of the Meeting Center Client?

Using our Meeting Center Client, you can quickly and conveniently book telephone and web conferences and invite participants – as easily as writing e-mails It is a time saver and helps you organize your conferences using the Outlook distribution list feature.


Is there a difference between the moderator and the participant and the moderator and participant code?

The moderator initiates the conference and invites the other participants. Using his moderator code, he is in speaking and listening mode throughout the entire event conference, and he can conduct preliminary discussions with his moderator team. Participants who dial in with participant codes are only in muted and listening mode for the entire duration of the conference. Only the moderator can change this.

How many people can participate in an event conference?

Using the event conferences of Deutsche Telekom, direct dialog is possible with up to 4,000 participants. Our WebCast Event can even be streamed to up to 20,000 people.

In what languages can the conference be moderated?

A conference can be moderated in German and English. As an option, interpreting is possible for all commonly spoken languages. However, an interpreting service should be addressed in advance in order to schedule an interpreter for the conference.

Can participants be dialed in?

Yes, you can name the participants with their corresponding telephone numbers in advance and your participants will then be dialed in by our operators.

Can I have a participant list prepared by name?

Yes, we can record up to 200 named participants in advance. You have the option to receive this list before, during, or after the conference. Alternatively, only those asking questions can be recorded during the conference into a separate list.

Can I record my event conference?

Yes, we can have your event conference recorded in a variety of formats for later use or as a reference, provided we have your works council approval to do so. The moderator has the option to record the conference to audio or MP3 CD, cassette tape, or as MP3 file. Participants can also have a playback prepared. Participants are charged the costs for the conversation. The contracting client incurs no additional costs. The individual participants are required to enter a reference number in a menu to use this option. A condition for use is a touch-tone end-user device. There is also an option to have a list of playback users prepared. In this case the contracting client pays a fixed fee to have this option available and to replay the playback. The participants merely pay the connection fee to the telephone number with prefix 069 [Frankfurt].

Can I have customized waiting music played during the event conference?

Yes, you can play your own music. GEMA ( association for musical performances and musical reproduction) approval is required for this.

Can I have my greeting replayed?

Yes, simply provide us with your desired greeting by file or in person in advance.

Is there an option to make a presentation?

Yes, all you will need is a telephone and a web browser with Internet access to present conferences, training or other content during web presentations.

How can I, as the moderator, see what is happening during the conference?

Using EventView, moderators have access to a visual representation of the conference and, for example, can see the number of participants and questions asked at a glance.

How do I announce a question?

You can ask the moderator a question by pressing *1.

How do I retract my question?

You can retract your question with the hash key (#).


What is included in the flat rate?

When booking a flat rate, we will set up a personal conference room that is always available to you. You will receive a moderator and participant code for the permanent use of a conference room with up to 5, 15 or 50 people (including the moderator).

With the monthly flat rate fee, you can keep an eye on your costs – for relaxed conferences without any restrictions on time or volume!

When is a flat rate telephone or web conference suitable for me?

If you conduct multiple, recurring conferences monthly, it pays to use a flat rate. Even with one monthly conference call with 5 participants and an average duration of two hours, it would be more advantageous for you to choose a flat rate.

What are the various flat rate options?

We offer flat rate options 5, 15 and 50. They are easy to use and understand!

  • The conference flats offers a combination of telephone conference and web conference. Both services can be used flexibly and independently. Hold telephone conferences with exceptional voice transmission quality and manage these via web interface or telephone keypad. With help of the web conference you can concurrently work on files with other participants, perfect the exchange of information and make your conference more lively.
  • You will find more information here. Select one of the flat rate options that suits your specific requirements!

What cost advantages does a flat rate offer?

The advantage of a flat rate is the full control and transparency of costs. For one all-inclusive price, you can confer monthly as much as you like in your personal conference room with the booked number of participants – at no extra cost!

Do I need a new moderator or participant code for every flat rate conference?

No, both the moderator code and the participant code will only be sent to you once. Participants and moderators can dial in to every subsequent conference with this code. For your own security and to prevent abuse, we recommend that you do not give access codes to third parties.

When using a flat rate, can more participants dial in than previously booked (5, 15 or 50)?

Yes, as many participants as required can always dial in to the conference. The flat rate figure merely indicates up to what number of participants is already covered by the flat rate. If the number of participants exceeds the flat rate, this will simply be billed with a surcharge per conference – regardless of the length of conference!


What is an instant conference?

An instant conference allows you to spontaneously conduct telephone meetings quickly and simply. You can use the instant conference number 01805 1009 (14 cent/min. from the German fixed network, max. 42 cent/minute from the mobile network) at any time without registration or reservation and confer with up to 50 participants at the same time. Simply devise a 6- to 8-digit code and send it to the required participants. The costs are borne by the individual participants.

Which technical requirements have to be fulfilled for an instant conference?

To use an instant conference all participants simply need a touch-tone telephone.

How many people can participate in an instant conference?

Our instant conferences can be conducted with up to 50 participants. We recommend our business conference option for conferences with a larger number of participants.

Do I have to order an instant conference in advance?

No, you can start your conference straight away – no need for registration or reservation. To inform your participants about the date and time we recommend you use the convenient invitation service on our homepage.

How do I select the access code for my conference?

Use the hash key (#) to check that you have confirmed the correct access code for a 6- to 8-digit code.

How do I dial in to an instant conference?

You can dial in to the conference yourself simply and quickly as soon as the initiator of the telephone conference has issued invitations to the required conference participants. Every participant is informed of the dial-in number 01805 1009 and the code with the invitation from the initiator. Every participant can dial in at the respective date and time using the phone number. The code is then prompted, which has to be entered via the telephone keypad and confirmed by pressing the hash (#) key.

What can I do if my access code is not accepted?

Use the hash key (#) to check if your phone has switched to DTMF dialing and that you have confirmed the correct access code for a 6- to 8-digit code.

How can I control the speaker volume?

The required volume can be adjusted as required from your own terminal.

How do I mute my line?

You can mute your own line by pressing *6. This command is canceled by re-entering *6.

How can I eliminate background noises in my conference?

If possible all participants should look for a "quiet" place and keep background noise to a minimum. All participants should continue to avoid activating the loudspeaker.

Can I lock my instant conference?

No, you cannot lock or close the instant conference. If you need this function, please order our business conferences.

Can I record my instant conference?

Unfortunately your instant conference cannot be recorded; to do this use our business conference option.

Can I dial-in from my mobile phone?

Yes, you can participate in a scheduled meeting at any time from your mobile phone. You will however incur call charges (max. 42 cent/minute from the mobile network). It is cheaper to dial in with the 01805 1009 number from the German fixed network (max. 14 cent/minute from the German fixed network).

How are the costs of an instant conference calculated?

You can set up a meeting for free and all participants only pay the relevant connection charges for the time they are connected.

Can I also use the instant conference from abroad?

No, the instant conference is only accessible for participants from the German fixed line or mobile network. Our business conference is the right solution for international conferences.


What is Cisco Webex Cloud Connected Audio?

The Cisco Webex Cloud Connected Audio Service comes from the Cisco Collaboration Cloud, which was specifically designed for the usage of real time web communication. The conferencing solution for Webex provided by Telekom connects the customer with the Cisco Collaboration Cloud data center via the partner Intrado.

With Cisco Webex Cloud Connected Audio you can:

  • provide a completely integrated audio, web, and video collaboration solution;
  • enjoy the benefits of the complete bandwidth of audio options – Call-in (local telephone numbers and Freecall), Call-back, VoIP integration and Hybrid audio (telephone and VoIP connections in the same meeting) and
  • take advantage of Telekom's immediate service with the expertise and support of Telekom employees.

How does Cloud Connected Audio work?

Cloud Connected Audio uses SIP signaling between the Intrado IP network and the Webex audio bridge, which is connected through a Session Border Controller (SBC) and dedicated IP links between the Intrado and Cisco data centers. Telekom transmits network and non-network audio traffic from your location and sends it to the Cisco Collaboration Cloud.

Which connectivity options do I have?

The following connection types are routed to the Cisco Cloud via the Provider Network:

  • Off-net PSTN dial-in via the Global Plus number set
    • Toll dial-in
    • Toll free dial-in (optional),
    • Dial-out/Call-me (optional),
  • On-net via dedicated connection or MPLS/IntraSelect (optional)
  • Directly via Cloud with computer audio Cisco Webex VoIP “Using Computer”

What advantages does Cloud Connected Audio offer?

Added value for your company:

  • Integration: Fully integrated solution that combines telephone, video and data into one Webex meeting.
  • Security codes: dynamic audio security codes. Generated for maximum security.
  • Operator support: operator also for Cloud Connected Audio.
  • Voice quality: native audio allows for high-quality and clear-cut meetings.

Commercial value:

  • Budget control: better control due to predictable budgets (with quarterly reviews).


What is Skype for Business?

Traditional meetings may be a challenge if the participants are spread across a variety of locations around the world. The communication technology skype for business can overcome these physical barriers by allowing people to participate from anywhere with an internet or telephone connection. Moreover, you can design your meetings more efficiently and effectively by knowing best practices for conducting meetings and productively using Microsoft Skype for Business.

What is a audio integration for Skype for Business?

Microsoft Skype for Business alone only has limited usability. To take full advantages of the skype for business licenses you need a collaboration package with audio conferencing solutions by Telekom. These integrated solutions allow a truly unification of your voice services, since it allows participants to connect via PSTN-phone lines and have advanced controls during the call. This helps prevent network connectivity problems or firewall restrictions, and allows subscribers to participate in Skype for Business Meeting with quality audio at all times.

What advantages does the audio integration by Telekom offer?

Additional to the features and functionalities of Microsoft Skype for Business you have access to the following:

  • Local and Freecall dial-in to over 100 countries
  • Integrated, high-quality audio conferencing
  • Certificated 24/7 support for audio conferences
  • Resource and cost savings
  • Simple budgeting and uncomplicated commercial billing


What is a Webcast or an online training?

A Webcast or an online training is an internet broadcast that is oftentimes used for presentations or similar tools in a one-to-many format (one speaker to many participants). A Webcast can be presented in different formats: audio only or audio with presentation slides, video and presentation slides or video only.

What is the difference between a Webcast and an online training?

The terms Webcast and online training are used interchangeably.

What is the difference between a Webcast and a Web Conference?

Unlike a web conference, a Webcast is set up to deliver presentations (a one-to-many or few-to -many format). Webcast platforms possess robust features that support an event, like a signup microsite, a logoed screen, social media integration, tracking, analytics, polling and Q&A.

What is Webcast Studio?

WebCast Studio is the Gold-Standard Webcast offering provided by our partner Intrado. WebCast Studio offers several features for presenters, hosts and attendees. It can be used as a self-service tool or be combined with our event management services, which take care of all the logistical details.

Can I also present a live event on the web?

Yes, of course. Your event may be live, pre-recorded or semi-recorded and semi-live. Your live event may also be recorded and made available on request.

What if someone misses my webcast?

Webcasts may be recorded and made available on-demand. The on-demand link is the same link that may be used to sign up for the live event.

What do I do if I have never presented a webcast before?

The Webcast software is designed to make presentations intuitive and easy to use. As you prepare for your Webcast, our event managers will provide you with tips and best-practice guides.