Good planning before a conference takes place and purposeful management during the conference guarantee the success of your meeting – here we give you a few practical tips for your professional conference held via telephone and Internet.


  • Inform all participants of the date, time, access numbers and access code for your conference.
  • Define the sequence of discussion topics and inform participants about the agenda.
  • Do participants need conference documents, data or reports? Make sure you send these out in good time.
  • Designate someone to take the minutes. If you wish you can also recording your conference.

During the conference

  • First, introduce the participants to each other, if relevant. Check if everyone is connected and if the technology is working smoothly.
  • Agree on the intended agenda.
  • Explain the key combinations on the telephone to control the conference.
  • If problems occur during the conference, you can ask our operator for help by pressing key combination *0.
  • Make a note of any assigned tasks and responsibilities for the conference follow-up. Also think about sending the minutes and/or the recording.

Key combinations for your telephone conference

The practical key combinations allow you to control your business conferences directly via your telephone keypad. This gives you full control of all happenings.

  • 00 Call an operator individual
    Here the operator reports directly to the moderator of the conference. Do you have technical problems or questions about the conference procedure? We will be happy to help you.
  • *0 Call an operator
    This is the operator reporting. Do you have technical problems or questions about the conference procedure? We will be happy to help you.
  • *6/#6 Mute/Unmute your own line
    Each participant has the option of switching his or her telephone to listen-only mode, e.g. if discrete discussions are to be held in the background.
  • *7/#7 Close/open conference
    When things get confidential, you can simply lock your conference. This temporarily excludes other participants who wish to dial in to the conference.
  • Other short commands
    Apart from the commands already introduced, additional functions are available to you via your telephone keypad. These commands may vary however. Contact the hotline to discover which functions are available for your telephone conference.

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