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Business Conferences powered by Intrado

How to Use Business Conferences

1. Send Invitations

1. Send Invitations

Inform your participants by e-mail of the conference date and time and forward them the access details. You will receive the access details immediately after you log in.

2. Dial in the Way You Like

2. Dial in the Way You Like

You and your conference partners can conveniently dial in from any end device: via telephone or smartphone using the dial-in number or via PC or tablet using the link in the e-mail you received.

3. Uncomplicated control

3. Uncomplicated control

Control your meeting by Meeting Center or keyboard shortcut directly from the phone keypad. You have all the strings in your hand: For example, you can prevent other participants from dialing in or mute those present if they are only supposed to listen.

4. Interactive Conferencing

4. Interactive Conferencing

You and your participants can share the screen or individual applications, even simultaneously if desired, to show presentations or work together on documents. In addition, you can keep eye contact with your business partners via video image.

5. Mobile conference

5. Mobile conference

With the mobile smartphone app "SmartMeet" you can easily hold conferences on the go. A variety of the usual functions from your Meeting Center are available to you, such as chatting with participants and sharing content.

Plan more easily. Get off to a more convenient start.

Install and set up

We will show you how to install and set up business conferences and accompany you through the first steps. Schedule and start your conferences with just one click from your desktop.

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The Meeting Center

At the start of a conference, you can conveniently call in to the conference or start your conference via VoIP. In addition to the convenient audio connections, many other exciting functions await you in the Meeting Center.

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The SmartMeet App

The mobile app "SmartMeet" also lets you start your conference with just one click, send invitations and hold interactive conferences.

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Useful instructions

Keyboard shortcuts

*0Operator into your conference
00Operator individual
*#Call up number of participants
*2Record conference
*5/#5Mute/Unmute all participant line
*6/#6Mute/Unmute your own line
**List available keypad commands

*DTMF commands (dual-tone multi-frequency)

Further keypad commands

Already pays off after two conference hours per month: flat rate

* 4 participants x 60 minutes at 10.5 cents = €25.20 plus 6 participants x 60 minutes at 10.5 cents = €37.80.
** Permanently available conference room for 5 participants, can be flexibly extended at any time
All prices are net and exclude the statutory rate of VAT payable.

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