Event Conference

Assisted telephone conference for up to 4,000 participants

Comprehensive support

Moderation by experienced operators

Optionally with web conference and interaction

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Overview: Features and Services

The event conferences of Deutsche Telekom are the ideal way to quickly and effectively disseminate information to as many as 4,000 participants. Use our event services for employee communications, analysts’ conferences, colloquiums and trainings. Large-scale virtual conferences help you save travel time, care for the environment and enhance your company’s productivity and efficiency.

  • Maximum service service thanks to expert conference management, 24-hour helpline and technical support
  • Exceptional audio quality thanks to the Telekom’s premium technology
  • National and international dial-in options options (dial-in, dial-out, landlines, mobile telephony, toll free calls)
  • Online presentations enable the display of content
  • Interactive elements – Q&A sessions and voting rounds, including evaluation
  • Run-throughs are possible to check technical issues and conference proceedings and prepare speakers for the program, among many other preparations
  • In-depth follow-up support, evaluation and reports after the conference
  • High level of individualization – such as customized greetings, on-hold music and log-in screens
  • Lots of extra services – such as the creation and re-use of participant lists, the recording of conference sessions and interpreting services

How to Use Event Conference

1. Preparations

1. Preparations

Tell us about your conference project – and we’ll advise you on event flow and necessary equipment. A trial run with those speaking at your conference is possible on request.

2. Invitations

2. Invitations

Taking into consideration your participant list, we provide you with access details for the conference. You can then incorporate these into the invitations you send via post, e-mail or text message.

3. Your Event Conference

3. Your Event Conference

You and your speakers proceed to the virtual conference room – and we’ll coordinate the conference, dialing in important participants on request, moderating spoken contributions and calling on questioners according to priority.

4. Follow-up Support

4. Follow-up Support

You carry on with your daily business – while we prepare the participants’ report and conference documentation according to your requirements.

Video Event Conference

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Usage Examples

Employee communications
Companies and the markets in which they operate are undergoing constant change. Inform your staff at short notice about mergers, cutbacks and new growth areas.

Analysts’ conferences
Communicating financial information to the public is an important and sensitive issue for companies. In addition to professionally moderated Q&A sessions, we offer interpreting services, conference recording and transcription, and possibilities for presenting figures in a visually engaging way. 

It is becoming increasingly expensive to organize a conference or a colloquium and all experts are often not able to attend such events in person. We enable you – at minimal cost – to present your research work to an international team of scientists or to hold discussions on your current project with a wider circle of researchers.

Are you planning to introduce a new IT system? Have you made changes to your internal or external processes? Those participating in a training session administered by us can take part and ask questions right from their desk. You can also run quizzes to test the participants’ knowledge. And the personalized dial-in makes a detailed participant list possible. 


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