Video Live Transmission

Real-time events for digital media

Professionalized according to your needs

Camera and broadcasting team available

Broadcast locally or via satellite

Planning and support of internal and external online events

Overview: Features and Services

Present you and your event in the best light online – Telekom’s professional live broadcasting service provides the perfect solution to do just that:

  • Live streaming via intra- or internet according to your requirements
  • Complete planning and coordination of your event
  • Full range of technology is supported (PC, smartphone/iPhone, tablet/iPad, etc.)
  • Design of the broadcast page in your corporate identity
  • Film your event with professional camera teams (on request)
  • Interactive elements such as Q&A sessions and voting rounds can be made available
  • Simultaneous translation into a number of languages is possible
  • The long-time experience experience of our event partner ensures the best results
  • Live broadcast  locally or via satellite

How to Use Video Live Transmission

1. Just Kick Back & Let Us Do the Work

1. Just Kick Back & Let Us Do the Work

Our partner’s long-time experience and expertise enable us to achieve short turnaround times and ensure a high level of flexibility in the planning and execution of your live broadcast.

2. Spotlight on You

2. Spotlight on You

We guide your project from beginning to end and manage the complete organization. We also fully supply all required technology and equipment so that you can devote yourself entirely to the content of your broadcast.

3. Lights, Camera & Action

3. Lights, Camera & Action

The live transmission of your event – which viewers can easily watch via a browser from any Internet-enabled device – is broadcast via local connections or satellite.


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