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Overview: Features and Services

Ensure optimal collaboration and networking of employees, partners and customers and interact with your customers. Cisco Webex is the integrated solution for all collaboration needs, combining meetings, messaging, webinars, webcasts and calling with a wide range of optimally matched devices. Adaptable to any work style, role, or device, so you can decide when, where and how you work.

Together with you, we develop a collaboration solution that is individually tailored to your needs: including requirements analysis, professional implementation and customer service. Profit from additional services such as support from certified project management employees during the rollout.

Offer 1: Webex Meetings

A better collaboration experience starts here. Drive more engaging meetings with interactive features for optimized collaboration and bring teams of all sizes together with intelligent and inclusive video conferencing. AI-powered features increase productivity so you can do more with fewer meetings.

  • HD video conferencing for up to 1,000 participants with screen sharing, chat, breakout sessions as well as audio dial-in via computer audio (VOIP) and international dial-in numbers.
  • Noise cancellation: Reduce distractions and interruptions with advanced noise cancellation and voice optimisation.
  • Inclusion features: Closed captioning (switchable subtitles) and real-time translation ensure that all participants are seen, heard, and understood
  • Meaningful participation: Interact with your participants. With tools such as voting, opinion polls, idea clouds ensure that everyone can get involved
  • Gesture recognition: With simple hand gestures you can express without words
  • Custom layouts: With the custom stage view, you decide who or what should be the centre of attention
  • Modern meeting experience: Appealing. Intelligent. Inclusive. Because your team deserves optimal collaboration
  • Automatic transcripts: Have productive conversations and let Webex take notes
  • Openness: Work with apps and tools you love. Webex integrates seamlessly with over 100 industry-leading apps

Offer 2: Webex Messaging

Today, new products and services are created in teams. With the Webex app, you create a more efficient workflow and experience a new dimension of collaboration. Exchange messages with your colleagues, partners, or customers in specially created areas, share files, images or whiteboards and develop creative ideas - together, at any time and from anywhere.

  • Easily start a face-to-face communication or meeting
  • Stay connected with your teams before, during and after a meeting via virtual project rooms, at any time and on all devices
  • Send and store even very large files consistently encrypted and easy to find
  • Work with people even outside your company. All you need to do is add their email addresses to a section.
  • Edit, delete, fix, mark and share personal messages easily
  • Use filters, advanced search and personal favourites to find content and groups
  • Develop ideas using the interactive whiteboard function
  • Benefit from a simple and intuitive user interface
  • Integrate existing business process apps (see
  • Read and edit OneDrive and SharePoint online files within chat areas

Offer 3: Webex Webinar and Webcast

Global reach, unforgettable experiences: Whether it's a product presentation, employee communication, conferences, or customer seminars - with Webex you can effectively reach a large group of participants at low cost. The webinar mode lets you hold events that are just as interactive as meetings. The alternative webcast mode gives you extreme reach, so you no longer must choose between scalability and quality.

  • Scaling and range: Reach higher numbers of participants than ever before without compromising on quality. Depending on the tariff, webinars support several thousand participants and webcasts several tens of thousands.
  • Unforgettable: With the stage view you can decide who or what the participants can see at any given moment
  • Practice makes perfect: practise the whole presentation with the other panellists before you start the live event
  • Organise professional events: Facilitate engaging, lively interactions between panel and participants
  • Involve the audience: Encourage active participation with moderated questions and answers, chats, and polls. In webinars, active word contributions, reactions with emojis and gesture recognition are also available.
  • Reach everyone:  Reach new target groups with real-time translations in over 100 languages
  • Stay in control: Protect sensitive information from disclosure to ensure the security of your business and your customers and to comply with regulations.
  • Other functions: Telephone (PSTN) dial-in, dial-in via computer audio (VoIP), recording, reporting, personalised invitation emails and participant management.

Offer 4: Webex Cloud Connected Audio (CCA-SP)

Webex Cloud Connected Audio optimises your mix of access options to Webex Meetings. It allows you to take advantage of the full range of audio options: call-in (local national and international numbers), call-back (call me), VoIP integration and hybrid audio (phone and VoIP connections in the same meeting). We tailor the countries and connection types you need according to your company's international locations and business requirements, with accurate cost forecasting.

  • Advanced connectivity options with freecall (toll-free calls) and call-back
  • Individual tailoring of the required countries and connections according to your international locations and business requirements
  • Accurate forecasting and planning of the audio conference costs incurred
  • Quick access to modern technology through cloud use
  • Deep and secure integration with Cisco Collaboration Cloud via CCA-SP interface connected to worldwide Cisco Data Centres
  • Integration with existing MPLS connections to reduce offnet traffic

Offer 5: Webex Calling

Secure and reliable cloud calls from any device. Reduce operating costs, increase productivity, and boost revenue by moving call services to the cloud. Webex Calling offers a powerful PBX extension system from the Webex Cloud. This includes enterprise telephony, group PBX features and mobility integrations, among others.

  • Webex Calling Professional: This tariff provides a complete package for telephony and collaboration. It includes unified communications and mobility functions with support for multiple devices (desktop and mobile app).
  • Webex Calling Enhanced: This tariff offers telephony functions for use in publicly accessible areas such as lobbies, conference rooms and the like.
  • Telephony devices: Telephony devices are connected to the Webex Cloud via Internet. Media encryption is protecting the transmitted audio and signalling information.
  • Administration: The administration of the application, of end users and their settings and options are carried out as a self-service by the customer or the customer administrator via a powerful backend.
  • Setup: The Telekom is setting up the initial users and phone numbers, and if applicable, connects telephony devices and locations, based on data sheets provided by the customer.

Offer 6: Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Cisco Unified Communications Manager is the integrated Cisco collaboration infrastructure for audio, video, messaging and mobility on your organisation's hardware. With Webex, your unified communications needs can be perfectly balanced - on-premises, cloud-based or in a mixed scenario.

Offer 7: Webex Suite

One offer for everything. The Webex Suite is the industry's most flexible solution for hybrid working. It combines meetings, messaging, webinars, webcasts and calling, as well as exciting extensions such as the event management software Webex Events (formerly Socio) in one single tariff. The Webex Suite is available for selected individual workstations (Named User licences) or company-wide for all current and even future employees (Enterprise Agreement licences, 15% growth tolerance).

Offer 8: Collaboration devices

Keep your colleagues close when working remotely with high-quality, face-to-face collaboration devices. Webex offers a wide range of high-quality collaboration devices for a world-class team experience. With Webex devices you get everything you need to excel in video conferencing:

  • Automatic updates, better experiences: Stay up and running with cloud-connected devices that update themselves with Webex RoomOS
  • Control Hub Management: central administration and trouble shooting via Admin Portal
  • Background noise and voice removal eliminates distractions
  • Personal camera focus: Autofocus on meeting participants and active speakers
  • Webex Assistant: Use voice commands to interact with your device
  • Connect and share content: Easy pairing between Webex devices and apps

How to Use Webex

1. A modern meeting experience.

1. A modern meeting experience.

With the new Webex, there's no such thing as a remote worker. Collaborate from wherever you are, at any time, from any device.

2. Dial-in options

2. Dial-in options

Choose between computer audio (VOIP), local telephone dial-in (also international) and if necessary further options and bring together up to 1,000 meeting participants. Effective noise cancellation ensures a concentrated working atmosphere.

3. Extensive offerings

3. Extensive offerings

Share documents, presentations, and applications in the highest quality. With customized video layouts and interaction tools such as whiteboard, gesture recognition, chat and polling, your needs for lively meetings are met.

4. Follow-up support

4. Follow-up support

You go on to your daily business - via the message rooms in the Webex App you stay in contact with your team mates, partners and customers and exchange ideas and work results.


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