MagentaBusiness Collaboration
Simple. Seamless. Cooperation.

NFON X powered by Telekom

The new freedom of business communication

MagentaBusiness Collaboration
Simple. Seamless. Cooperation.

The telephone system from the cloud

Transform your telephone system from a cumbersome hardware to a flexible software solution: with the NFON Cloud PBX powered by Telekom, your team can be reached anywhere - no matter where, no matter what device.

GDPR-compliant according to European data protection standards. Encrypted communication and data hosting exclusively in Germany.

Significant savings and budget security through transparent pay per use model, no maintenance costs

Easy setup and intuitive operation including comprehensive app suite (desktop app, web app and mobile app)

Reliability through redundancy in the cloud. Always up-to-date technology and automatic updates.

From 4.75 €

a month*

* one-time provision fee 149,70 € for the Cloud PBX and one-time provision fee 9,90 € per port

Overview: Functionalities and services

With NFON technology, your corporate telephony becomes a digital application. Via desktop, web and mobile app, your employees stay in touch and work productively - no matter which device they use and where they are:

  • Integration capability: Your CRM system can be easily connected to NFON - likewise, Microsoft Teams can also be combined with NFON.
  • Security standards: Communication via your cloud telephone system is reliably encrypted, data hosting takes place exclusively in Germany
  • Extensive functions: such as voicemail, meet & share video conferences, integration of multicell DECT and analogue endpoints, eFax, manager/secretary function, attendant console, CRM integration, intelligent call distribution, queues, time control, alarm server, door opener, voice recording (MiFID II-certified), and much more.
  • International: available for locations in Germany and 18 other European countries
  • Highest quality of service (QoS): The cloud telephone system is a quality bundle for networks of 10 ports or more, including connection to the Telekom MPLS (optional connection via Internet is also possible). Any number of calls in constant voice quality are thus a matter of course.


You can choose from different pricing models for your NFON Cloud PBX:

  • Entry port: 4.75 €/month*,
  • Premium port: 5.95 €/month*.
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams: +1.00 €/port/month
  • Individual pricing possible

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* one-time provision fee 149,70 € for the Cloud PBX and one-time provision fee 9,90 € per port

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